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Old English tōweard


toward (mainly in American English) or towards (mainly in British English)
  1. In the direction of (but not necessarily arriving at).
  2. In relation to (someone or something).
  3. For the purpose of (attaining an aim).
  4. Located close to; near (a time or place).

Derived terms

Usage notes


  • Finnish: kohti
  • French: vers
  • Irish: chuig, chun
  • Italian: verso
  • Kurdish:
  • Malagasy: mankany
  • Mongolian: руу
  • Polish: ku, do, w stronę
  • Português: por volta de
  • Romanian: către, spre
  • Spanish: hacia

Extensive Definition

Toward (Tollard in Gaelic) is a village near Dunoon at the southern tip of the Cowal peninsula in Argyll and Bute, Scotland.
Nearby is Castle Toward, a former country house built close to the ruined Toward Castle. Now an outdoor education centre its grounds are used as a location for the children's BBC TV series, Raven.
Toward Point has one of 18 lighthouses built by Robert Stevenson.
Toward Sailing Club provides racing, cruising and training.


Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

about, across, advantageous, against, anent, as, beneficial, brave, confronting, en route to, facing, favorable, favoring, fronting, headed for, helpful, in front of, in opposition to, in passage to, in transit to, on, on route to, opposite to, over against, propitious, to, towards, up, upon, useful, versus, vis-a-vis
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